How To Start a Career in the Business Office Administration Field?


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Florida Career College's Business Office Administration Program provides students with a solid understanding of business office administration to prepare for an entry-level career in a professional office environment. If you can picture yourself working in an office, greeting clients, answering phones, and managing organizational tasks as an administrative assistant, office manager, or customer service representative, FCC can teach you the skills to get there.

In as few as 10 months, you can build your resume with training in the Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks, Adobe Acrobat, and Google Apps, making you a well-suited competitor for an entry-level position in an office.

If you’re interested in learning the tools and skills used in an office and adding to your resume, FCC’s Business Office Administration Program can help!

What Careers Will The Business Office Administration Prepare You For?

FCC’s Business Office Administration program will teach you the skills to work in a number of positions within an office. The skills taught are easily transferable to make you a valuable employee no matter what your title. Possible positions include:


Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants may work one on one with a leader in the company or assist with tasks throughout the office. They often act as an extra pair of hands, making sure tasks get done, and staff stay organized. Administrative assistants may handle filing, scheduling, answering phones or any other clerical tasks. Skilled Administrative Assistants with an eye for detail and determination to get things done are highly sought after and are needed in all areas of the economy and many different types of businesses.


Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives often act as a sounding board for customers. They are usually responsible for answering phones or greeting clients at the door, but more and more companies are also hiring customer service representatives to address customer questions through social media and texting apps. This position requires great conflict resolution skills as they may be the first ones to hear if a customer is unhappy. Customer Service Representatives are the ultimate problem solvers, responsible for knowing a little bit about everything so they can ensure customers get the answers they need.



A receptionist is typically stationed at the front desk of an office, answering phones, scheduling meetings, and handling organizing tasks. Their job is to help clients feel welcome and ensure meetings run smoothly.


Office Coordinator

An Office Coordinator position may not deal directly with customers as often as other positions. This role is primarily working behind the scenes to ensure the staff working in the office have the items they need to do their job. They may help by ordering supplies, scheduling training, handling billing, or answering questions as needed.


Office Manager

Office Managers are similar to Office Coordinators. This position is responsible for ensuring office supplies are stocked, and any other office logistics are handled. An Office Manager needs to know a lot about the business in order to ensure every staff member has what they need.


Office Assistant/Office Clerk

An Office Assistant or Office Clerk does primarily clerical work like note-taking, filing, scheduling, organizing, and answering phones. They may be asked to greet clients, but usually, this position is more internal.

What is it Like Working in an Office?

No two offices are the same, and the experience of working in one will differ greatly from one office to the next. Some offices focus on fun and do their best to inspire creativity among employees, while other offices have a more traditional culture of a quiet work environment allowing staff to focus on their tasks.


While these differences may be frustrating for someone who likes to know exactly what they are getting into, it is actually a benefit. If you have the skills to work in a professional office, you have many options for the type of office you’d like to go to each day. You should take your time to research a company and its culture before deciding to apply.


Your position within the office will also greatly impact what it is like working there. A receptionist may interact more with people inside and outside the office than an Office Clerk who works primarily with staff. You may find that being a Customer Service Representative and handling tough questions from clients, or being the first to offer assistance, is fulfilling for you. Some Customer Service Representatives work primarily over the phone or through a chat system, social media, or texting. Many companies may offer this as a remote position.


Working in an office requires good social skills. No matter your position, being in an office involves interacting with other people in a professional manner by talking over the phone or through email. If the office has a welcoming environment and good leadership, many people will stay in the same position for years, leading to greater teamwork and friendships inside and outside of work.


Office work typically offers consistency as most offices are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. allowing staff to have a good work-life balance. The consistency of office work makes it a great career choice as most offices offer benefits and long-term positions within the company. Learning all the right skills and putting them into practice will make you a valuable employee for years to come.

How to Start a Career in the Business Office Administration Field?

You do not need a college degree to become an Administrative Assistant, but it can be a competitive field to get into. So, developing the skills to prove your value is a necessity. Even though a job posting may say only a high school diploma is required, most employers like to see a lot more training listed on your resume. During an interview, a potential employer may ask about your experience with Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and other common office software. To make yourself stand out from the crowd when applying for an Administrative Assistant position, you should:


Step 1: Earn Your High School Diploma or GED

Having a high school diploma shows employers a level of dedication and competency. They like to know their employees have a basic understanding of the math and English they’ll need to complete their tasks. A high school diploma is often the minimum education requirement for an Administrative Assistant position. If you do not have a high school diploma, don’t let that stop you! Florida Career College can connect you with an adult education provider that will allow you to earn your high school diploma while training for your new career. In less than a year, you can earn your high school diploma and receive the experience necessary to find a great job.


Step 2: Complete a Business Office Administration Training Program.

It’s possible to begin working as an Administrative Assistant with no official education but if you can’t confidently list your skills and training that applies to the job, your resume may fall flat. When you complete a Business Office Administration training program, you’ll gain the skills employers are looking for. Florida Career College will also set you up with a business externship in the community to put your skills into practice and gain real-life experience you can add to your resume. Graduating from FCC’s BOA Program will make you more marketable in the job market!


Step 3: Start Your Career.

Once you’ve gained the right skills and built up your resume, you’re ready to hit the job market. Florida Career College’s Career Services department will help you find positions listed in your area and even practice interview skills.

Entry-level office positions can vary greatly from one company to the next, but with the right training, you can feel sure you’re ready to tackle anything that comes at you. If you feel like one position or one company isn’t right for you, the skills learned during your training can easily transfer to a different company. The opportunities are endless.

No High School Diploma?

We Have Options!

Should You Pursue a Career in the Business Office Administration Field?

If you enjoy working with people and love a good team environment, working in the Business Office Administration field would be a good fit for you. Office workers use a variety of tools to communicate and work together to solve problems. They help a business run efficiently and help customers feel seen and heard.

Having career training in business concepts and common business tools will make you a valuable employee for any company. No matter the business, good organization skills, time management, and professionalism are necessary, and each can be taught through a Business Office Administration program. You’ll also learn the standard tools and programs used in most businesses. The right training can open you up to opportunities in just about any part of the economy.

What Skills Do You Need For a Career in the Business Office Administration Field?

Finding joy in working in an office setting requires a particular personality. It requires the ability to multi-task and keep a smile on your face, even when working with diverse personalities. You might be a good fit for this field if you have these skills:


Clear Communication.

Office work often requires teamwork and the ability to communicate well with many different people. If you’re considering a career in this field, you should be prepared to develop excellent verbal and written communication skills. You may be asked to communicate by phone, email, talking face-to-face, or even over text or social media.



Above all, an employee of a business must be professional. Many entry-level business office administration professionals are on the front lines of the business, greeting customers, answering questions, and dealing with complaints.



In an entry-level office position, your job responsibilities may often include helping other staff members to complete their tasks. Therefore, you must be able to learn a little bit about everything and juggle many assignments at one time.



A team cannot function properly if one member is not fulfilling their role. In an office, people depend on you to help push the work forward. You must be able to keep yourself focused on getting the job done and manage your time wisely.


Problem Solving Skills.

As an administrative assistant, you may know more about how the business runs than most people. This gives you a unique position to find creative solutions to problems within the office. The more creative you can be and outspoken in your willingness to help, the more valuable of an employee you become.


Technology Savvy.

Office work today is done on a computer. Having a comfort level with not only the basic office applications but also mobile and social media tools will serve you well in an office setting. If this isn’t a strength for you yet, good training can help. Don’t let technology stop you from finding a career you can be proud of!


Interpersonal Skills.

The office environment is really designed to encourage teamwork. If you love helping people and are organized and motivated, this field is a good fit for you.

Do You Need a Degree to Pursue a Career in the Business Office Administration Field?

Most entry-level positions in the Business Office Administration field only require a high school diploma as the minimum education requirement. Any additional education will add to your value as an applicant. You do NOT need a college degree to begin a career in this field.


If you’re having trouble finding a position with only a high school diploma, additional training will serve you well. Completing a Business Office Administration Training Program will give your resume a boost. Employers like to know you have experience using Microsoft Applications, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Applications, and QuickBooks. If you can show you have experience using these tools in a real-life setting like during an externship, you will be a more desirable candidate.

What Education Do You Need to Enroll In FCC’s Business Office Administration Program?

Even if you do not have a high school diploma, Florida Career College can help! You can earn your high school diploma while attending classes for your business office administration program.


Interested in starting a new career? Don’t wait! Florida Career College offers ongoing enrollment so you can begin courses whenever you feel ready. Enroll today in our Business Office Administration Program and earn a diploma in as little as 10 months!

How Long is FCC’s Business Office Administration Program?

With training from Florida Career College, you can graduate from the BOA Program and begin a new career in as few as 10 months. We’ll provide the training and the support to build your resume and assist you with finding a position. We’ll place you in a 250-hour externship in the community to gain references and work experience before graduating from the Business Office Administration Program.

What Does FCC’s Business Office Administration Program Teach Students?

FCC’s Business Office Administration Program teaches you what you need to know to get started working in a professional office environment. The tools covered in our courses are used in almost every business sector and will serve students well no matter what company they decide to work for. Our courses teach the basics of Microsoft office tools, Google applications, QuickBooks, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat.


We also focus on the soft skills that make you truly stand out during an interview. We discuss customer service, communication skills, professionalism, and conflict resolution. Students in our program practice their skills not only in the classroom but in the community as well.


Courses taught include:


BA110 Accounting Principles. This course allows students to become familiar with basic accounting concepts, including invoicing, collections, receipts, financial statements, balance sheets, and the use of QuickBooks, a popular bookkeeping platform.


BA120 MS Excel Fundamentals. Excel is a popular tool for tracking inventory, address or mailing lists, or tracking expenses. This course will teach students the basics of how it works, how it can be valuable for them, and how to troubleshoot different issues.


BA130 Spreadsheets for Finance. Excel is used a great deal for tracking expenses. In this course, students will be taught more about Excel’s financial functionality and how it can be used to automate reporting. We’ll compare this functionality to Google Sheets.


BA140 Business Applications. This class will give students experience using several business programs, including Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and Google apps. Students will be able to create and edit professional documents.


BA150 Office Administration. Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, and Office Clerks are often asked to use office equipment like printers, scanners, projectors, and shredders. This course will teach students about this equipment and will also cover how to schedule and set up a meeting, business travel, and handle office inventory.


BA160 Customer Service & Ethical Business Practices. Excellent customer service is what makes a business successful. This course will help students gain strong written and verbal communication skills and teach the best customer service practices. In addition, we’ll talk about how to resolve conflicts, how to solve problems independently, and business etiquette.


BA170 Communications. During this course, students will have the chance to practice good communication with a group presentation. Students will learn to use PowerPoint, Skype, and other applications to work together.


BA180 Externship. Business Office Administration students put their skills into practice through a 250-hour externship. During this course, students will be placed with an employer in the community and continue to learn through hands-on experience. The externship allows students to see how an office functions, practice their communication skills and gain contacts and mentors for the future. The externship can also be listed on a professional resume as work experience.

Should You Become an Administrative Assistant?

If you have strong communication skills and enjoy getting to work with a diverse group of people, you should consider a career as an Administrative Assistant. A career in this field can provide opportunities for advancement and growth.


An Administrative Assistant is a respected professional who helps the entire office run more efficiently. They have the ability to multi-task, problem solve and communicate in a way that makes people feel comfortable and taken care of. As an Administrative Assistant, you can feel great satisfaction helping many staff members feel supported.


You can get started in this field quickly. You do not need to attend a two- or four-year university but can be trained to feel comfortable in this role in less than a year. In addition, once in the field, you may be able to grow and advance as you gain experience and become a valuable member of the team.


There are some cons to this position that should be considered. An Administrative Assistant is often considered an extra pair of hands around the office and may be asked to take on a variety of unique assignments or tasks. Learning a little bit about everything may be stressful to some people. You may also be asked to learn new technology as businesses find new ways to communicate with their customers. Having an open mind to new experiences is a must.


Administrative Assistants are often asked to help several staff members who may have different communication styles and personalities. An Administrative Assistant needs to be able to over-communicate to get a job done right.


If these cons sound like manageable challenges, you should pursue a career as an administrative assistant. You can find great satisfaction in helping professionals overcome challenges, stay on task and complete the goals that move the company forward.

What Should You Look For in a Business Office Administration Program?

When looking for a Business Office Administration Program, you should consider what is being taught and what is most important to you. Beginning a program is a big commitment, so you should consider what makes each program unique.


As you consider the program, take a good look at the skills being taught. Are they applicable to the job you’d like to have at the end of the program? Is it worthwhile for you to spend time learning these skills?


A good Business program should at least teach:

  • How to use programs like Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Quickbooks, and Google applications
  • Typing and note-taking
  • Developing strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Common office clerical tasks like scheduling, filing, and managing spreadsheets


It should teach the skills that are going to make you stand out during an interview, including:

  • Professional dress
  • Professional communication
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Problem-solving


To make sure a program is the best fit for you, you should also consider:

  • Does attending the program fit my schedule or allow me to continue working while attending school?
  • Does the school offer any financial aid or assistance with paying for college?
  • Does the school offer tutoring or mentoring to help students who struggle?
  • Are the teachers and staff compassionate and understanding?
  • What does the culture on campus feel like when you speak to instructors and students?
  • Does the school offer assistance finding a position after graduation?

Consider Enrolling in FCC’s Business Office Administration Program

At Florida Career College, you can get the training, support, and resources to get a foot in the door working in a professional office. With a new toolbox of skills, you will be ready to work in an entry-level position and have the opportunity to grow and work your way up within a company as you become a valuable member of the team. In less than a year, you can find a new career as an Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, or Customer Service Representative.


Florida Career College has the resources to make your goals a reality. Come in today to take a tour of the campus, meet the instructors, and have your questions answered by our caring staff.


If you don’t have a high school diploma, we have options! You can earn your high school diploma while receiving your business training. Call today to learn more!


Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Our staff will walk you through the process of filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to see if you qualify for any scholarships or grants.


Florida Career College offers ongoing enrollment, so you can begin classes within a month of enrolling. Our flexible schedule allows you to attend class in our morning or evening class schedules.


Students meet together for hands-on in-person experiences twice a week and complete assignments, tests, quizzes, and live lectures online twice a week. Tutoring and extra in-person time are available to students who request extra support.


We work hard to ensure our curriculum is teaching valuable skills that you can put to use right away. That’s why our instructors have experience working in the field, and each student is required to complete an externship, working in an actual office. We believe the best way to learn is to put the skills into action. We also partner with local employers to find interview and job opportunities for recent graduates.


At Florida Career College, we know continuing your education is a significant investment. Above all, we want our students to be successful. No matter the barriers that have kept you from reaching your goals in the past, we are here to support you. Reach out today or fill out an online form to learn how we can support you as you pursue a career in the Business Office Administration field.