Can Patient Care Technicians Give Injections?


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Patient Care Technicians play a vital role in a long-term healthcare facility. Under the supervision of a doctor or nurse, they help ensure patients are comfortable and have their basic needs met. They assist patients who are unable to perform basic tasks like eating, drinking, and repositioning themselves.


Patient care technicians also help with some basic clinical tasks like taking a patient’s vitals and assisting with examinations. While patient care technicians are an important part of the medical team, there are certain tasks that a patient care technician does not have the training to perform. A patient care technician’s exact duties will vary from one office to the next but it is important to note that some tasks are outside a patient care technician’s scope of practice.


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Can Patient Care Technicians Give Injections?

Patient care technicians do not have the training necessary to give injections. This task is generally reserved for medical assistants and those with more advanced training, like nurses and doctors. However, patient care technicians are trained to collect blood specimens when necessary.


The great thing about the medical field is there is always room to grow. Becoming a patient care technician is an excellent stepping stone to further positions in a healthcare facility. With additional training and certification, they may be allowed to give injections in the future or progress into an assistant medical role.

What Tasks Are Patient Care Technicians Permitted to Perform?

Patient Care Technicians are trained to help with basic tasks like bathing, feeding, and toileting but are also trained to handle some medical tasks. These medical tasks may include recording a patient’s vitals like blood pressure, weight, and temperature. They also perform electrocardiogram readings and may also collect blood, urine, or fecal matter specimens for lab tests. Patient care technicians carefully note any changes in a patient’s diet or condition to report back to the supervising nurse or doctor.


Patient care technicians are also trained to insert a catheter, safely remove stitches and staples, and operate equipment such as inhalers, resuscitators, mechanical ventilators, and oxygen tanks.


Other tasks include helping a patient eat, use the restroom, or turn into a more comfortable position. Patient care technicians are often tasked with transporting patients from one room of a facility to another for diagnostic tests and ensuring a patient has clean sheets and a sanitary room.


All of these basic patient care tasks help free up the time of nurses and doctors while ensuring patients have the around-the-clock care and support that they need.

What Are the Duties of Patient Care Technicians?

On a daily basis, patient care technicians may visit the rooms of their patients and check that the space is clean and the patient is safe with their needs met. They may spend some time listening to a patient’s concerns and noting any changes in their condition as well as any food or liquids they have eaten or drank. These careful notes assist the rest of the medical team as they determine the patient’s condition and the next steps in their treatment.


After a quick check of a patient’s vitals, the patient care technician may help the patient to bathe or get ready, use the restroom, or eat if they have not already. They may also just help lift the patient and move to a more comfortable position or reach anything that is out of their reach.


A patient care technician may have different tasks to perform depending on the patient’s care plan. They may need to transport the patient to another area for testing or x-rays, or they may need to collect a specimen to send to a lab for testing. Sometimes the patient care technician just needs to check up on the patient to ensure their safety and comfort. They provide a listening ear for the patient or a patient’s loved ones. They take careful notes to report back to the doctor or nurse in charge.


The work that a patient care technician does is very personal, and so patient care technicians often end up being a liaison between the doctor and the patient or their loved ones. They have an important duty to be compassionate and empathetic to those they serve. Patient care technicians also need to be able to communicate a patient’s needs to a doctor or nurse in a professional manner so they can be addressed quickly and appropriately.

How to Become a PCT?

Becoming a patient care technician is an excellent first step toward becoming a nurse or building a long-term career in the medical field. This position gives a great perspective on how long-term care facilities operate and the skills necessary to provide valuable care to patients. Patient care technicians also may have the opportunity to learn from the doctors and nurses around them and gain new skills they can use in the future.


The training to become a patient care technician can be completed in less than a year. In as few as ten months, you can become a patient care technician and begin providing meaningful care to patients in a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility.


To become a patient care technician you do need a high school diploma or equivalent and you must complete a training program.


Patient care technicians can sit for an exam to become a certified nursing assistant. Certifications are always a good idea to add to your resume and help you stand out above the crowd. Patient care technicians perform many of the same functions as a certified nursing assistant, but they do have additional training that allows them to perform more advanced clinical tasks.


Most training programs take less than a year to complete and offer hands on practice to quickly master skills.


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