Is It Difficult Working as a Patient Care Technician?


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Working in the medical field in any role is not for the faint of heart. However, if you have a passion for helping people and a knack for seeing the good in any situation, it may be the right move for you.


Patient care technicians play a critical role in caring for people who are unable to care for themselves by assisting with daily tasks like feeding, moving, and grooming. As you can imagine, this is very intimate care that requires a compassionate heart to perform. Some days caring for people in this way may be exhausting, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. If you are considering a career in this field, there are some important things to consider below.


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Is It Difficult Being and Working as a Patient Care Technician?

It is not difficult to work as a patient care technician, but this role does require good training, empathy for others, and a good self-care routine.


Patient care technicians perform many tasks that are considered clinical and require special medical training but just like riding a bike, these tasks become easier with practice and experience. Even difficult tasks like drawing blood for testing, physically moving patients to prevent bed sores, and setting up an oxygen tank can become simple for someone who knows the proper technique and has done it many times.


What may be the most difficult and also most rewarding part of being a patient care technician is providing care for someone who is unable to care for themselves. It is difficult to see another human struggle with basic tasks like eating or standing, but it is also rewarding to help them find comfort and peace. People who have empathy and compassion for those they work with will feel a natural connection to the role of a patient care technician.


Many patient care technicians help care for people who are near the end of their life or who have a terminal illnesses. They become close to their patients and to the loved ones of their patients. Providing this type of care can be emotionally taxing. It is important for someone in this role to take the time to find what brings them joy and return to those hobbies and loved ones often to recharge their personal batteries.


With the right combination of perspective and passion, the role of a patient care technician can truly be fulfilling, helping a patient in this way and growing professionally as well.

PROs of Being a Patient Care Technician

Rewarding work.

Arguably one of the best parts of being a patient care technician is building very personal and special relationships with patients. Many patient care technicians have the opportunity to work with the same patients on a daily basis and become a listening ear for them. This relationship is different from the one a medical assistant or even a physician may have with a patient. Patient Care Technicians help with basic needs and have a unique opportunity to really see their actions provide instant comfort to those they serve.


Room for advancement.

The great thing about working in the medical field is there is always room for advancement. There is always more training and certifications available to help professionals learn new skills and grow into new roles. Patient care technicians are no exception. As a patient care technician, you provide a valuable service, and you also have the opportunity to continue seeking out new training and certifications that will help you grow personally and professionally. Becoming a patient care technician may even improve your chances of being accepted to a nursing program to train to become a registered nurse.


Useful skills and Knowledge.

Patient care technicians play a vital role in the medical field, and as a part of the medical team, they have the opportunity to gain a lot of useful knowledge about the human body. This knowledge may benefit you personally as you make health decisions for yourself and your family and may allow you to provide better care for the people you know personally.


Work anywhere.

Patient care technicians are in demand everywhere. No matter what state you move to, there is an opportunity to use your skills and training to help people. There are also several different environments where patient care technicians are needed. You may find you like the faster pace of a hospital, the stability of a nursing home, or the personal touch of home health care.


Quick training.

You can become a patient care technician in less than a year with training from Florida Career College. Hands-on training allows you to practice and learn skills quickly, and the externship at the end of your program allows you to put all your skills to the test and develop relationships in the field. If you are looking to get into the medical field quickly, becoming a patient care technician is a great way to do that.

CONs of Being a Patient Care Technician

Work odd hours.

Patient care technicians help patients with their basic needs like eating, grooming, and even moving. There is a need for this type of care around the clock, and to meet that need, patient care technicians may be asked to work odd hours like nights, weekends, and holidays.


Emotionally taxing.

Patient care technicians often work with patients who are struggling with lifelong disabilities or who are near the end of their life. Getting to know these people on a very personal level can be very emotional for some. It’s important for patient care technicians to have a positive outlook on life and a good self-care routine to help manage these big emotions.


Physically demanding.

Patient care technicians may be responsible for helping patients get up out of bed, reposition in their bed, or transport patients to an exam room. This may require bending and lifting. There are techniques that patient care technicians are taught to help manage these tasks, but it is still important to be prepared for some physical tasks.

In addition to the physical lifting tasks, patient care technicians may also be asked to help keep a patient’s room clean by cleaning up urine, vomit, and other bodily fluids. Handling the “yuck” with grace is all a part of the job.

How To Become a Patient Care Tech?

Becoming a patient care technician is easier than you may think. With just a high school diploma you can begin training for a career as a patient care technician. The training is hands-on, quick, affordable, and can be completed in less than a year.


Learn How to Become a Patient Care Technician. 

How Long Does It Take to Become a Patient Care Tech?

You can train to become a patient care technician in as few as 10 months at Florida Career College. Each month-long module introduces students to a new concept and allows them to practice new skills in a hands-on, in-person lab.

Become a Patient Care Technician with Florida Career College

Florida Career College’s flexible, hybrid programs make it possible to begin a new career quickly. If you are interested in a career in the medical field and have the desire to care for people directly, you should enroll in the Patient Care Technician Program (PCT Program) offered at Florida Career College.